30-day challenge: instruct your pet dog five new commands (day 10)


I started to instruct my mutt the commands “crawl” as well as “go long” this week. discovered I said started teaching him these things. While teaching my mutt, I have learned it is best to instruct in very, very fundamental steps. By breaking the training into the simplest steps possible, my mutt begins to understand.

I am teaching Ace to crawl by starting with him in the down position. A great time to method “crawl” is in the evenings when he is exhausted or lazy as well as would really like to crawl when I call him. I sit on the floor a foot or so in front of him with a treat as well as step my hand on the ground from his nose to me as well as say “crawl.” I motivate him to crawl forward. If he lifts his back, I am close sufficient to push it back down. In the video Ace is crawling on the kitchen area floor, however carpet is simpler on his elbows as well as not so slippery.

The mutt does quite well so far, considering he only has to crawl about a foot. I am not sure if he really knows the crawl command.

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