Ace and Beamer


These two have been sharing beds a lot lately, like nearly all the time. This is the first wintertime they’ve done this in 9 years.

I could write about how sweet this is and how they’re friends.

Truth is, often Ace lets out a ferocious snarl as Beamer approaches.

Sometimes Beamer smacks Ace ideal on the nose, stares him in the eyes and takes the bed.

Sometimes Ace moves away. often he holds his own. often he whines, seeking to me to shoo that cat out of the way.

And often they accept each other and they snuggle close. Or Ace pretends not to notice Beamer.

Or they’re just cold and old and this is the agreement they’ve come to after 9 years.

I try not to get involved. We have three pet beds and they both want this one.

They can work it out.

Do your family pets cuddle together?

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