Age guidelines for Adopting Puppies as well as kitties


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Many times we are asked, “What is the very best age to embrace a dog or cat?” the very best age would be at approximately age 8 weeks. I suggest kitties as well as puppies stay with their mom up until age 6-8 weeks to facilitate their shift from nursing to kitten/puppy foods, as well as to enable them the chance to socially interact with their litter-mates as well as establish physically as well as emotionally.

When animal guardians embrace pets at this age, puppies as well as kitties tend to be healthier. They can then direct their health and wellness care in a positive manner,

by feeding fantastic natural diets such as Halo or Nature’s Variety, in addition to get them started on multivitamin supplements like Vitachews as well as Omega 3 fatty acids like pet Omega 3 Fatty Acids by Nordic Naturals.

I suggest vaccinations no earlier than 6-8 weeks.  A vaccine routine should be discussed with the animal guardian that won’t lead to over-vaccination or vaccinosis, which I see many times when older pets are adopted, who have been over-vaccinated.  I do recommend, however, that animal guardians think about adopting older pets as well.  It is truly a wonderful contribution to embrace older pets, who have had either difficult prior houses or prior health and wellness issues, as well as who may deal with euthanasia if they are not embraced soon.


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