Animal shelters get creative with these Valentine’s adoption specials


I love when shelters and rescue groups offer any kind of adoption specials to draw much more attention to the homeless animals.

People are much more likely to adopt a pet if they think they are getting a good deal, but much more importantly, these kinds of events bring much more adopters to the shelters in the first place.

I thought I’d feature a couple of different groups that are offering Valentine’s Day adoption specials this month.

I don’t expect my readers to run out and adopt these animals (although that would be awesome!). I’m just trying to show what a difference it can make when shelters get creative with their marketing.

Valentine’s Day canine Adoption Specials

Humane society of Broward county (Fla.)

“Adopt a Sweetheart; name your price.”

You can adopt a canine or cat 1 year or older from the Broward county Humane society this Saturday or Sunday for any price you think ought to be paid, according to the shelter’s web site.

“There will be variety of four-legged blonds, brunettes and redheads all searching for their ideal Valentine,” the web site says.

The regular adoption fees for animals 1 year or older are $25 for cats and $100 for dogs. much more information.

Best pals animal Society

“Find ‘the one.’ adopt a pet for just $10.”

At best pals animal Sanctuary, you can adopt any pet for just $10.

Best pals also has specials going on at its other adoption locations in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and new York. much more information.

Nevada Humane Society

“Furry speed dating – come meet your ideal match”

This shelter is always providing creative adoption specials or events. In this case, the shelter is simply providing a “speed dating” event to get people to visit on Valentine’s Day.

Pretty creative, don’t you think? even if someone isn’t thinking of adopting, they may end up donating, volunteering or telling their friends.

In addition to the speed dating, Nevada Humane Society is also providing a “Find your missing piece” special where people can adopt a pet before 1 p.m. and get $10 off. This special runs now through Sunday. certain cats are also free. More info.

Are you aware of any Valentine’s Day adoption specials?

If you have one you think ought to be added to this post, you can email the info to or just leave a link in the comments.

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