Best outdoor dog pictures (Week 2)


It’s time for week two of the best outdoor dog photos. thank you to everyone who submitted dog photos this week. They are all included below. You have two more weeks to submit photos to You may submit one photo per dog per week.

At the bottom of this post, I included a song written by Pete Dowan of Ontario, Canada. The song is dedicated to a dog named Scuttle. When Pete had difficulty walking because of a health condition, his dog Scuttle helped keep him going by begging to go on daily walks. hit the play button as you are browsing through these photos to hear “Good Friend.” 3/20/09 edit: I deleted the song from my site.

Here are the photos:

Jake the golden mix

Jake (eight) is owned by Patti Struchynski of Fargo, who took this photo in 2003.
Jake isn’t much of a water dog. This is him swimming in a lake in northwest Wisconsin. Jake doesn’t like seeing Patti and her husband swimming in the water, especially when they dunk themselves completely under. He gets worried and starts to bark and cry.

Keira (left) and Mollie the mutts

Keira (4) and Mollie (3) are owned by Lisa Lines of Massachusetts.
Keira and Mollie have many play fights like this.
Check out Lisa

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