Breed profile: Petit basset griffon Vendeen (PBGV)


The petit basset griffon Vendeen (small, low, rough-coated Vendeen) is a friendly dog, however it is not extremely typical in the United States. PBGVs are frequently mistaken as mutts since of their shaggy appearance as well as uncomfortable bodies. however PBGVs have been around for a long time.

They are scent hounds, originally bred in France for hunting rabbits during the 1700s, according to The Encyclopedia of pet dog Breeds by D. Caroline Coile. Their coats are rough as well as able to tolerate thorns as well as clean while hunting. They are still utilized for hunting in France. In the united states where they are less common, they are mostly pets.

PBGVs are similar to the basset hound as well as at one point were even shown as a wire-coated version of the basset, according to Coile. However, PBGVs have longer legs as well as are a lot more athletic than bassets. They evaluate between 25 as well as 35 pounds as well as are available in white mixed with any type of other color such as gray or gold. In 1990, the PBGV ended up being acknowledged by the AKC. Today the breed makes a great pet since of its gentle, upbeat personality.

Advantages to having a PBGV:

1. PBGVs are great with children, dogs as well as pets.

2. Their coats do not need much grooming. PBGVs shed, however not as much as a lot of breeds.

3. PBGVs have no major health and wellness issues.

4. They are lively as well as friendly with strangers. They can be barkers, however they are gentle as well as want to make buddies with everyone. since of their character as well as goofy appearance, they make fantastic therapy dogs.

5. They don’t drool a lot, however water clings to their beards when they drink.

Disadvantages to having a PBGV:

1. PBGVs like to dig.

2. They are wise dogs, however wise does not indicate obedient. They aren’t the simplest to train, as well as you may discover your PBGV getting distracted by a scent. A PBGV will comply with her nose anywhere it takes her!

3. PBGVs bark at approaching strangers or people they know. They don’t have a yappy bark, it’s a big-dog’s bark in a bit body.

4. The breed is high energy as well as needs a long walk each day.

5. PBGVs coats are wiry, not soft as well as cuddly.

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