Dog rescued from river will be up for adoption if no owner claims him


A pet dog rescued from the Los Angeles River will be up for adoption Thursday if no owner claims him.

“Lucky” was pulled from the river last week by a firefighter who was lowered down to the water from a helicopter, according to NBC 4 news in Los Angeles.

The rescue was captured on aerial video, shown below.

From NBC:

“He is doing great, he has bounced back from his ordeal,” LA animal services director Jan Selder said. “He is an amazing dog. He is potty trained, walks on a leash and puts his head on your lap when you pet his head, which indicates he had a home.”

Selder described lucky as a Welsh corgi mix about 6 or 7 years old.

NBC news said the woman who originally called 911 to report Lucky has already requested to adopt him and will have “first rights.”

If she changes her mind or does not arrive at the shelter by 9 a.m. Thursday, someone else will be able to take lucky home, according to NBC News. If several people come to the shelter (which, come on, they will), the shelter will conduct a “silent auction.”

I’m sure lucky will have no trouble finding a loving home. The shelter said it has already received hundreds of calls about him.

Here’s the video of Lucky’s rescue.

Full story here

Image and video from NBC 4 News

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