Exercising with Greta


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I still fall off my own bike, something I should probably find shame in instead of sharing, but the truth is I can barely get myself from point A to point B. So, first we added a seat to the front of my husband’s bike (between the handle bars and his bike seat) and later added a second seat to the back. now Anthony’s bike has three seats, which is rather comical. and when we tie a sixty-pound Doberman to his contraption, things look downright hysterical.

It’s a good workout for Greta and my spouse and we end up entertaining a lot of onlookers. anyone passing by with a phone camera snaps a picture of my spouse and his entourage and, if they are lucky, and I am paying more attention to their gawking than my riding, they usually end up with a picture of me half-on the curb and half-off my bike, completing the three-ring circus act we like to perform on Saturday mornings for the neighborhood.

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