I get To test Toys!


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I may be the luckiest kitty in the entire WORLD! My Mommeh brought house a lot of new feline toys from PetMeds for me to test out.

Confronted with so lots of fun feline toys, I might not choose where to start.  Unfortunately, I got a bit bit distracted by the high-test organic catnip! I went a bit bit wild before it even got out of the package:

The catnip was even much better out of the package.  My Mommeh sprinkled everything over the floor as well as I had fun rolling around as well as acting like a bit maniac.

Do not worry, Harley got a possibility to try the toys, too. Harley started off with the ZoomStuffer. He chosen that a person on account of that toy has catnip stuffed inside its pants.

It may have been a bit error to begin with the ZoomStuffer, since by the time Harley checked the AppeTeasers Teenie Sardini, he was a maniac, too!

After having all that fun with toys, I was one worn out kitty. Luckily, I have a new good friend to snuggle with.

My preferred toy is… all of them!

What is your extremely a lot of preferred toy?

feline Toys

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