Leo’s Rainy Day Adventures


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Leo absolutely likes the rain as well as would play in everything day
and night, provided the choice. Not only is he fascinated by it, he likes to jump
in all the puddles in his path. Although I wouldn’t be amazed if he did that
because he understands a complete towel drying session is coming as well as he likes getting
towel dried.

Unfortunately for him, we don’t like to stand in the rain so
his rain adventures are always short-lived. So when we have a few days of rain
in a row, Leo establishes a situation of “cabin fever” by the second day. By the third,
he’s likely going nuts. because he’s a huge boy, it’s challenging to exercise him
properly inside. throwing the sphere down the hallway gets tiring for him after
the second throw.

Recently, I’ve started entertaining him in other ways. So
far, my preferred has been playing hide as well as seek. like I said, our apartment
isn’t that big, however it’s huge sufficient for some great hiding areas from Leo. When I
hide behind a door as well as phone call Leo’s name he’ll come running into the space he
heard my voice, however as soon as he investigates as well as believes I’m not in there,
he’ll go as well as inspect other locations in the apartment. It’s funny to hear the little
jingle his collar makes as he’s trotting around the house.

Even though he can’t figure out that I’m behind the door,
Leo is quite wise at trying to discover me. I’ve viewed him sniff under the bed
and even turn over a couple pillows in browse of me. If he can’t discover me within
a few minutes he typically provides up as well as lies down. However, when I expose myself,
he’ll come running with his tail wagging.

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