PetMeds® Addressing Eye problems in Dogs and Cats


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As a blogger for 1-800-PetMeds I am typically presented with from customers concerning what to do about various eye symptoms for their pets. some of these topics can range from treatments for red eyes, eyes that are held shut, eye discharge, and cloudy or swollen eyes. nearly 100% of the time I will inform clients that they ought to see their veterinarians for proper diagnosis and treatment. This is typically the case because it is challenging for me to recommend even an over-the-counter eye treatment when I don’t know the diagnosis of the eye problem.

The reason being is that the eyes of our animals are complex and there are numerous possible eye illnesses animals may suffer from, including scratches or ulcers on the corneas, glaucoma, cataracts, and problems with the retinas. all of which are treated differently. While numerous veterinarians are skilled in treating eye disorders, I will typically recommend clients to consider seeing or inquiring about a veterinary opthomologist or specialist in eye diseases for complex cases, or where initial treatment by their veterinarians does not result in sufficient resolution of symptoms.

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