PetMeds® Greta’s Gumby dog toy Is Still “The One”


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Gumby: still in one piece even besides this time.

All week the youngsters have been looking ahead to providing Greta this vibrating sphere we bought her. She barks madly at anything that moves, so why wouldn’t she go nuts at a moving sphere that makes weird noises? Cole has been speaking about exactly how we will win some kind of imaginary video award as well as great deals of money over a video of Greta going crazy for the latest as well as biggest toy she has ever had. We drew straws over who would get to be the one to hand it to her but, in true dog form, she was totally unpredictable. We turned it on, as well as she walked away. She didn’t even double take. So we don’t have a adorable video of a hilarious reaction to this most “amazing” toy in spite of a whole week of anticipation. We just have a photo of old tried as well as true – Gumby – the toy she went over as well as chosen up after the failed video attempt. I assumption some dogs just understand what they want.

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