Products for Pet vehicle travel


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Do your summertime getaway plans include traveling? Your getaway can be even much more fun if you’re able to bring your furry household members along, too. many dogs like to go on vehicle rides, as well as if you are traveling by car, there are great deals of fantastic products that make traveling with your canine safer as well as much more pleasurable for you as well as your pet. PetMeds now brings a line of Solvit products developed just for that purpose! The Solvit products offered include:

Seat Covers: enables your pet to travel in comfort while protecting your vehicle from pet hair, dirt as well as other messes.

Pet Barriers: keeps your pet safely confined in the back of your vehicle while you are driving.

Cargo Liners: resilient material liners which offer security for your SUV as well as a soft area for your pet while traveling.

Pet Ramps: lightweight ramps assist your canine climb safely into your car, SUV or truck.

Booster Seats: offers a protected location for your pet to travel as well as delight in the view.

With a bit preparation, you as well as your four-legged household members can delight in a summertime road trip in style.

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