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Colby Morita is the blogger behind Puppy in Training, where he shares his experiences raising and training service pet dog puppies. Colby and his partner welcomed a new daughter, Emma, to their pack last year.

As we were preparing to expand our own little pack, I reached out to Colby to ask him how he prepared his dogs for Emma.

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That Mutt: When you thought about your dogs with your baby, were there particular training areas you wanted to focus on?

Colby: I had good intentions of making a terrific introduction between my dogs and baby, but Emma arrived 3 weeks early and things didn’t go as planned.

I got a book about introducing your pet dog to your baby and I was planning on reading through it in the days leading up to Emma’s due date. Unfortunately, I hadn’t even opened the book and all of sudden, surprise!

TM: speaking of surprises, was there anything that shocked you or reactions you didn’t expect from your dogs once Emma arrived?

Colby: Linus (an Australian Shepherd mix rescue) and Stetson (a career-changed guide pet dog black lab) pretty much acted as expected. Stetson ignored Emma, and Linus was very curious and protective of Emma.

Raven (a golden Retriever breeder/foster) shocked me. She’s a terrific mama to her puppies. While she is watchful of Emma, Raven doesn’t seem as interested in her as Linus was.

TM: What are your top ideas for pet parents who are expecting a human addition?

Colby: I really don’t have ideas because we did not appropriately prepare our dogs. I wasn’t too concerned about our dogs because I know their temperament, so I’d encourage other pet parents to know the temperament of your pet dog and act accordingly.

I had good intentions going into baby/dog introductions, training, etc., but because Emma arrived early I was unprepared. So my best recommendations would be to start preparing for your dog/baby introductions months rather than weeks before the due date because you never know if your baby will be premature.

TM: thanks so much, Colby, for sharing your experience.

Emma’s arrival is a good tip that babies don’t always operate on a fixed schedule … and we need to be flexible!

You can follow Colby and the rest of his pack at puppyintraining.com and read about Emma’s early arrival here.

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