Reducing your pet’s excessive gas


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While it is normal for a pet dog or cat to become occasionally gassy or flatulent, when the problem is a lot more chronic, this can indicate a lot more than just an inconvenience to the animal guardian in the line of fire. a lot of family pets with chronic gas or flatulence typically have an underlying intestinal imbalance or improper bacterial overgrowth in their intestinal tract.   considering that over 75% of our immune system resides and starts in the digestive tract, imbalances at this level can eventually cause lots of sorts of chronic systemic issues as well, including chronic skin/ear allergies, joint, airway and urinary tract issues, all because of a “leaky gut”.

That’s why it is crucial not to neglect a chronically gassy pet. the most crucial initial action in solving this problem is in checking out that pet’s diet. lots of gassy family pets are on processed commercial dry pet foods, which typically consist of an excess amount of grain typically used as a low-cost and economical protein source. Dogs and cats did not progress to digest large amounts of grain, so when eating such foods, incomplete digestion typically leads to such gas.  Unless your pet has a kidney, liver, or special urinary tract problem, meat-based high protein, high fat, low carb foods are much closer to what dogs and cats progressed to eat.

Natural diets such as Pet Guard and Wysong are exceptional commercial diet choices. appropriately made homemade diets as found in Donald Strombeck’s book or Richard Pitcairn’s book are even better. adding digestive enzymes and probiotics such as NaturVet Enzymes & Probiotics can typically help in digestion, as well as restoring and maintaining normal gut bacterial populations. This is even a lot more crucial when a pet is under physical or emotional stress, or on any sort of chronic antibiotic therapy.

Other beneficial products include Prozyme to help in digesting nutrients as well. With dietary and supplement therapy, not only can the inconvenience of gassy family pets be typically solved, but animal guardians are also promoting long term good health at the same time  as well.


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