Urinary Incontinence in animals


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Urinary incontinence is a common medical finding, especially in middle-aged to older canines, and less typically in senior cats. probably the most common cause in affected animals is hormonal deficiency associated with spaying and/or neutering. other causes include genetic defects of the urinary tract, trauma and urinary tract tumors.

Symptoms of urinary incontinence include involuntary urination when resting or sleeping, as well as dribbling when walking. any pet with urinary incontinence ought to have a full exam and urine analysis to guideline out other medical disorders, including urinary tract infections. Urinary incontinence is often efficiently treated with a medicine known as Proin, which acts to tighten the muscles that line the urethra. In other cases low doses of hormones, including stilbesterol or DES may also be helpful in some animals.

Prognosis in treating urinary incontinence will depend upon the underlying cause, but many typically is outstanding for control of symptoms.

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