How to stop future urinary tract infections


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Did you know that urinary tract infections are a lot more common in dogs than in cats? In addition, older female dogs, and dogs with diabetes are a lot more prone to urinary tract problems. UTIs can be painful for pets, and if left untreated can cause a lot more severe medical problems like bladder and kidney infections, bladder stones, and if very serious, kidney failure.

That is why it’s crucial to start stopping urinary tract infections instead of just treating them, and thankfully there is a way to do just that. Cranimals whole Food Antioxidants is a whole food supplement that can be given to your pet daily to help secure against urinary tract issues. Cranimals consists of organic cranberry extract powder, and comes in a powder form that you can just sprinkle ideal onto your pet’s food. These antioxidants also work to promote dental and heart health. All it takes is 1 to 2.5 teaspoons, depending on weight, and your pet is well on his or her way to optimal health. What a lot more could you ask for from an easy-to-give powder? Cranimals whole Food Antioxidants come in original and very berry flavors.

If you think your pet may have a urinary tract infection, check out the Cranimals UTI home test Kit, which allows you to test your pet’s urine for a UTI conveniently in your home.

Tip: The Cranimals UTI home test kit is for testing only and will not treat your pet. If the reading comes back positive, make sure to contact your vet as soon as possible. even if not positive, if your pet is still having symptoms, see your veterinarian immediately.   UTIs, if left untreated, can be life-threatening.

Urinary Infections

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