Crate training your pet dog


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Over the years there have been lots of methods for house-training a pet dog from crates to pens, to Wee-Wee Pads to walled off areas of the kitchen. among the lots of methods used, crate training is probably the most popular, especially when training young puppies.

The idea behind the crate is that a puppy or pet dog will feel quite comfortable in small cage, where an animal guardian can offer food, water, toys, as well as comfortable bedding that the pet dog will come to know as his or her own personal bedroom. It is hoped that with time the puppy will learn not to soil where they eat, play or sleep. and while lots of puppies and adult dogs do find eventual comfort and become house-trained in a crate, lots of other dogs suffer from severe anxiety and distress that often cause behavioral disorders themselves, or injury in trying to escape or get out of the crate.

As with any medical technique I take in veterinary medicine, every pet is an individual, and while crate training can work in some dogs, it fails in others. often playing soft music or a television nearby can ease a pet’s anxiety, but in other cases they do not. And so while crate training is certainly worth a try, an animal guardian need to also be prepared with other alternatives as well, in case crate training is not the proper technique for that individual canine companion.


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