PetMeds® Does Neutering decrease aggressive habits in Pets?


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One of the most significant reasons pet owners neuter or spay their pet is to supposedly “calm them down” and/or improved unwanted or aggressive behaviors.  However, research study in recent years really has been conflicting on this with a number of studies showing that aggression is really higher in the neutered male dogs.

When taking a look at populations of dominance aggressive family pets at veterinary university behavioral clinics, many of the providing family pets are certainly already neutered.  In addition, it is likewise fascinating to note that specific cancers (like prostate cancer) as well as illness are really higher in the neutered male.

In spite of this it is still suggested to neuter male family pets to assist manage pet populations, however, I typically suggest waiting up until a male pet is sexually mature at 1 year of age to neuter them.

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