Why is chocolate hazardous to Pets?


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Around holidays such as Valentine’s Day, it is crucial for animal guardians to be careful about possible chocolate ingestion by their pets. chocolate toxicity is a common emergency around the holidays and can be a serious, health-threatening condition.   The components in chocolate consist of what are known as methylxanthines, which are caffeine-like compounds that can cause severe health endangering consequences.   The certain ingredient theobromine is the one we are a lot of concerned about, and which animals have a hard time metabolizing even in small amounts.

Symptoms of chocolate toxicity may include initial nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, followed by cardiac symptoms including arrhythmias and even seizures.   Bleeding and death may even occur.  treatment includes induction of vomiting, as well as supportive IV fluid therapy.  If seizures occur, Valium and Phenobarbital may need to be given.  Antiarrthythmic drugs are also suggested for any heart arrhythmias.   considering that theobromine is gotten rid of very slowly in pets, treatment may need to be continued for up to a few days after ingestion.  Prognosis is normally good, as long as treatment is carried out within a short period of ingestion.

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